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Terms & Conditions


Participation Agreement:

By signing and paying for my participation at the Women’s Sea Kayak Festival, I confirm that I have read and accept the Women’s Sea Kayak Festival (WSKF) Terms and Conditions as stated below, including those regarding cancellation.


Personal Property: I accept that the WSKF and its organisers are in no way liable for the loss or damage to any personal property of any description whilst at this event, including money, luggage, baggage, personal belongings, equipment and kit, and vehicles. Property must in all circumstances be the responsibility of the participant.


Participants safety: As a participant I will at all times during the event, in the interest of safety promptly comply with all reasonable instructions or advice given to me by the WSKF organisers, volunteers and activity providers. Adventure activities and notably paddling can bring a reasonable amount of risk, however, the WSKF volunteers and activity providers are trained and appropriately qualified to run these activities and will at all times proceed in such a way as to limit the risk of injury.

By reading this statement and booking a place, participants in these activities confirm that they are aware of and accept these risks and are responsible for their own actions and involvement.


Participants fitness: Participants must be of good health and should be aware that they will undertake adventurous and sometimes strenuous activity. WSKF organisers and activity providers will make reasonable adjustments to include participants in activities suitable for their needs and levels of fitness.

Only in the cases where a participant is, in our opinion, not considered to be sufficiently well, fit or able to partake in the activity, in the interests of safety we reserve the right to exclude the participant from the course. In this case it is agreed that there will be no liability for any damages, loss or expenses and any monies paid by the participant are not refundable.

Registration forms, including a medical declaration, must be completed when signing for the event. On the day activity providers will seek medical information from participants.

Media consent: 

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions I give consent for photos or videos of you to be used by WSKF on FB and website. 

If you don't want to give consent, please, informa us in a email titled: Media Consent on

Please note that the WSKF organisers reserve the right to re-organise the event in any way considered appropriate to prevailing conditions. If parts of the event have to be cancelled through no fault of the event organisers, no refund will be made. We suggest you take out your own insurance to cover this.


Should you need to cancel your booking once it has been paid and confirmed, you can do so via the email:

Cancellation made prior the bookings being closed: full refund will be given. The closing of bookings will be announced on the WSKF website and FB.

Cancellation made after the booking is closed: If possible the place will be transferred to a person on the waiting list and a full refund will be given less administration charge of £10. This will be administered in chronological order of received cancellations. If there aren’t replacements - no refund will be given.

Cancellations made three weeks before the event: No refund will be given.

No discount or reduction in fees will be made if the weather or other conditions outside the control of WSKF preclude all or part of the event taking place. This includes pandemics such as: COVID-19. If WSKF fails to attend or cancel, under no circumstances will consequential losses be met.​

Concerned entrants are advised to take out cancellation insurance to cover this eventuality at the point of booking (or organise their own insurance if they don’t already have this).
By accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to all the above points.

Privacy Policy:

We, at Women’s Sea Kayak Festival (WSKF) collect your personal information that is strictly for the purposes of organising and running the event. We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure.

We, at WSKF will not pass your details to another organisation unless required to do so by law. 

Where we will share your personal details, it will be with providers of paddling activities attending the WSKF event.


Only information needed for the purpose of the activity will be shared, such as your name, contact, medical and emergency contact details.  


We will hold your data only prior to the event, during the event. It will be destroyed within a reasonable time afterwards. 

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