By women, for women

The Women’s Sea Kayak Festival is located in South Devon and runs in August every two years. The festival’s aim is to welcome women paddlers, encourage participation and provide new experiences for all women sea kayakers along one of the most beautiful and exciting coastlines in UK.

The WSKF highlights included:

  • Top female coaches from all over UK and beyond

  • Amazing Paddling

  • Great company

  • Delicious food

  • Lots of fun

The first Women's Sea Kayaking Festival was held in Scotland by Alice McInnes, Roddy Mcdowell and Laura Bennitt on the Isle of Bute, in 2012, and Natalie, having just circumnavigated Britain, came to coach.

In 2014 Julie, Esther Wheeler and Natalie attended the event at the same time. When the organisers announced that the festival was taking a break we thought that it would be shame for this event not to continue as it was a great affair with lots of good vibes and paddling. So inspired were we that it took only a brief discussion to decide to organise something similar in the south of England.  


A year later in 2015 we held the first WSKF South Devon. After Esther emigrated to Australia admin guru Wendy  joined the team. Two further successful festivals in 2017 and 2019 followed. 


Our main motivation for organising has been to support women coaches and get together as many women paddlers as possible to have fun and share skills and knowledge and get inspired. We thrive on the energy and enthusiasm that the festival paddlers and coaches bring. Our aim has been to bring something new to the festival each year either in the talks, the workshops or the program. We pride ourselves on bringing skilled and qualified coaches from all over Britain and Europe all with different experiences and knowledge to share.


This past year 2020/21 has not been easy for anyone, however, throughout everything we hope to run the 2021 WSKF for as many paddlers as possible.


Fingers crossed. 


Coaches, who contributed to our festival in the past: 

Anna Moreno


Agnes Penisson


Eva-Lotta Backman


Tatiana Cappucci

Anita PRM.jpg

Anita Daimon


Ann Merryweather


Sarah McIlroy 


Katie Ellis


Erin Bastian


Zoe Newsam


Alison French


Sue Couling


Zoe Robinson


Alice McInnes

Rachel K.jpg

Rachel Kehoe


Julie Perren


Natalie Maderova


Eila Wilkinson

Nicki M2.jpg

Nicki Mansell