Workshops 2021

The Festival includes a selection of exciting and interesting workshops. The aim of the workshops is to give everyone at least one of the following: to try something new, build skills, gain more confidence, learn something valuable, have fun, meet others, and enjoy a day out.

Some sessions will be split into ability levels, some sessions will be for mixed abilities to allow paddlers to learn different skills supporting each other and socialising together.

We strive to do our best to provide each paddler with the best experience we can. 

Past festivals

Past festivals



We will have 2 different trips planned for each day: 

Short trip - up to 10 km focusing more on social paddling 

Longer trip - approximately 20 km of paddling with a purpose

Paddling days always depend on the weather! However, we intend to offer the option of exploring the exciting and beautiful South Devon coast with a short (up to 10km / 3 hours over the whole day) paddle or a long (20km plus / 5 hours).

These distances and times are a guideline for you to chose which trip you would like to go on. There might be some changes on the day depending on the weather conditions. We’ll be as flexible as possible so everyone can enjoy themselves!

Past festivals

Past festivals



Have you ever wanted to push yourself more, or learn new techniques and have fun rock-hopping or surfing but have worried about what happens if you, or someone in your group, capsizes?

This workshop is for those who are looking to play an active role in decision-making on trips. Topics may include planning and tactics, incident management, and rescues. During the course of the day there will be the opportunity for participants to either take charge of the group, or work together as a team to tackle challenging situations, while knowing there is an experienced coach there to run ideas past and provide feedback.

Past festivals

Past festivals




This will be a day working on as many skills as you want! Our wonderful weather and paddling conditions, along with the aims of all those participating, will determine the specific activities.

However, we can promise you that you will have the chance to work on linking paddling strokes, practising edging, increasing your confidence and making your kayak go wherever you want it to….and in the style you want!

The day will include a short paddle or rockhopping to put your new (and refined) skills into practice.

Past festivals

Past festivals

love the wet stuff


An ambiguous yet surprisingly correct description of this session – you WILL get wet!

A session that will have you exploring the top deck of your kayak much more closely than you may be used to! It is all about increasing your confidence in your kayak – and in yourself on, or in, the water.

Past festivals

Past festivals

rolling clinic/

greenland rolling and paddling


We are hoping to be able to offer a Greenland rolling specific workshop everyday during the Festival. 

Or at least a rolling clinic where an opportunity will be given to try out what is it like paddling with the stick or have a go at rolling. This workshop will be led by Rachel, who specialises in Greenland rolling and paddling.

Places are limited to 6 per day. It is an all day workshop and whether it will be more focused on rolling or paddling is up to the group to discuss.

Past festivals

Past festivals

Shrill & thrill


Surf, tideraces, rough water, bouncy water, are just few words to describe this workshop.  Whether you want to push yourself, learn new skill or just try something more challenging than usual, this is it. Everyone's challenge is different, you don't have to be an advanced kayaker to access these, we will try to make sure everyone gets their fair share of adrenalin. 

Whether it will be a tiderace or surf will also depend on the conditions and weather forecast on the actual day.